Went to a really cool art show last night. Young Americans at Mills College...the 2009 MFA exhibition. My friend Annie does these amazing paper cut-out letters, all by hand. Mind boggling. Imagine the patience and concentration required to cut out all of these words. I love the patterns created by the shadows behind the letters.
Congrats Annie! Annie's website is here. You should check it out because her work is incredible and my photos do not do it justice.Other work I loved included these photographs by Leigh Merrill. Beautiful and kind of creepy, though I couldn't really figure out why at first. Can you?When you start to look really close, you realize things are not quite right. Look at the end of the driveway...see the curbs? Beautifully manipulated photos. Her website here.
I love the crumpled paper tower in the middle of the room by Modesto Covarrubias. See more here.View from the inside looking up.Esther Traugot, who makes very tiny crochet are great. Look at the bee with the little crochet sweater! See more of her things here.