Made it to the beach just in time to watch the sun set over Steamer's Lane.Truck full of blankets.
I know all the beer looks really awful, but I swear it's not as bad as it looks.
Lil Sara: Spider-styles across the rocks in spikes.Destination: arrival confirmed.
Looking towards the Monterey Bay
Surfers surfin.
Blanket styles.
La la la...
Epic twilight group photo sesh with blankets.
It was a good day.


It was a good day to to hit the road for a little adventuring and I pulled myself out of bed at the last minute to make it. 3 on the tree, dream catcher, and a pizza slice tatty, what more do you need?Perhaps a nice Bloody Mary in the sun at the Moss Beach Distillery? It will set you right if you didn't start off that way.
Blankets by the fire pit and a nice view of the ocean.
Next stop: the San Gregorio General Store for a Bud, some hat shopping, and a cozy blanket.
Captains hats and union suits. Take your pick or wear both at the same time.
Feeling kinda Puss n' Boots.Pigeon Point Lighthouse, it's a real beauty in the distance.
Onto Davenport and the Whale City Bar & Grill, where Lil Sara's shoes found her a fan club.
101 food blogger: Fried artichokes and brussel sprouts with ranch, not much better than this.
Off the 1 and up the mountain we go.
Through the woods.
To the cave we go.
online gif creator
Down the hatch
It's a secret cave but not if you know Santa Cruz. You can get lost back there or just stay for a bit - we had a date to catch with the sunset so we made our visit brief.Journey to the center of the earth.VIRGO...and she is one. It was meant to be.Mountain graffiti styles.
make gifs
"Fuck Slugs." Or don't.
One for the road.


I've been busy, on the road, here and there, doing this n that. But I have lots of photos clogging up that need to be uploaded as well as a new fancy phone, so more photos on the way soon...


The challenge was simple: Get a few skate shops together, give them a little money for supplies, see what they can build to skate, and film it. Watch the video and click the bottom of the page to vote for the 510 video - no question, the best. This is a slice of life in Oakland for all dudes involved. The building was a group effort: barging a spot, working all hours of the day and night, and of course, having some good fun.

Click HERE to vote directly for the video and just hit the "LIKE" button for 510!!! Only 3 days left to vote.


Helmets. If you ride a motorcycle, you probably wish you didn't have to wear one unless you live in one of those few states that doesn't care about you. But maybe if you had a helmet as cool as this one, you'd want to wear it more.

Somewhere between emailing me about the best sundae she ever had, stealing flowers from neighbors' yards, and riding her Triumph, lil' Sara makes some damn cool stuff. Take this beauty she fixed up to keep her coconut intact as she's flying down the highway. One part Laura Ashley, one part dirty swap meet, it represents just the kind of contrast I love - something unexpected, a mix of styles that do not usually intermingle. Wallpaper-esque roses adorn a helmet that was neon orange in a previous life. Who's got a helmet with vintage roses? It's pretty but a little rough-around-the-edges, making it the perfect topper for a sassy lady rider.
It was one of those nice spring days out, the kind where you want to hang out in the street and drink cocktails in front of a limo. Or put some lacy clothes on over your grungy stuff and skate around a bit.
Stretched 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine hood dingleberry, courtesy of Sara's neighbor Maurice. "This is your best shot" pro group pose, thanks to Tyra.


Ken's having a photo show in Japan. I would love to go to this if I could. Photos of riding motorcycles across the US and back and everything in between like flat tires, fast food, and giant dinosaurs. May19-June26. Go if you're near Tokyo or Kanazawa, this is not to be missed!

IT'S B.I.L.F.worldwide, BITCHES!!!

Here it is, the newest and coolest Etsy shop out there, just opened by my most talented and crafty friend, Sarah! Click HERE to visit B.I.L.F.worldwide and see the best selection of saucy handmade beaded jewelry and vintage garb, including:

Dangly beaded feather earrings
Beaded pentagram earrings (this particular pair is MINE, but you can find your own in the shop).Beaded feather and pentagram necklaces.
Custom beaded lighter covers! You never knew how much you needed one of these until you have it in your hand. Yep, that's right, that's the Bad Brains record cover turned into a beaded lighter case.
Misfits fiend skull with purple and silver fringe
AND...finally, the E-40 Stunna Shades lighter cover! You might remember me hinting about an "amazing tribute accessory" at the end of this post, and this is it! Best piece of flare I've ever gotten. B.I.L.F. can make you any custom beaded cover, so start thinking about B-day presents for all those smoker/arsonist/BBQing friends of yours!


This was the most Super-Sunday of all.
Got the call
To be a part of the Rapper's Ball.

Making the video with E-40 and Mistah F.A.B.!!!

Breaking out the gold boots for this one.Pimm's Pre-Party in the backyard...the best summer drink ever!
Taking it to the sound studio. Waiting for our call outside.
Leisure time in the courtyard.
Pizza party on the patio.
Lots of hanging around.Passing time with beverages and stuff.
Time to get video-ready. Flat irons and pomade. That's Champagne working on Alex's do.Cleopatra and the comb-out.Just me and E-40 and our hands embracing while I get my hair tamed. He seems like a real cool dude. I love you E-40!Group shot with the man himself. See me in the back?Our lady crew.Real men in the company of real ladies.
More waiting around. Lots of that going on. "Are those tights?"Mistah F.A.B. and the best dude with dreads. I don't know your name but I love you, too!Whoops, blurry. I was having too much fun to really take photos but you get the idea.#1 outfit.One of many #1 booty's. I could really do a whole post on just the booty in the house but that might be a bit inapprop?
We made new friends and everyone had fun...Big dudes riding big bikes inside.Motorcycles on stage, no big deal...Long day and night. The after-hours food shesh needed to happen. Can you tell?
Check out MAYA'S BLOG for her angle.


You'll be missed for now but we are already looking forward to having a caboose party and drinking margaritas with you again soon...
All photos by Becca.


It's been a rough couple of weeks and I was ready for some fun in the sunshine on the first day of longer daylight hours. Took it to the streets with a full crew and hauled around the neighborhood for a while.

Boys.Girls.Downtown Oakland up ahead.Picked up an engine along the way.Rehydrating.Bike pile.On the road again...


It's been raining a lot lately, which means it's time to go mushroom hunting. Lucky for me, Chantrelles conveniently grow in abundance just outside our backdoor.
Just coming up out of the ground.
Empty basket but not for long.
Satanic mushrooms
Dayglow shrooms in mud
Spongy guys. You can eat these but must cook off a ton of water first.
Baby shroom chillin in a pine cone.
We got our dinner for tonight.
I've been eating them for days and still ready for more...