Today it rained. I did some pointless errands, kind of sewed, drank a few beers, and ate a some peanut butter pretzels (the kinds from Trader Joes that are like little pretzel pillows with the PB inside). I got a glue headache. This glue makes me breakout in the crease of my inside elbow only. It's a creepy allergy.
Resolene for edge's a secret weapon.Measuring things, pencils, pliers, Osborne tools, things of that sort that I use a lot.Metal action.Sewing a bunch of these things to be sent out soon.And just for fun, the tinniest leather jacket ever. It's pretty much palm-sized.It's really quite beautiful... thanks to Sara for the present. But I just can't cut into it even though the leather is great. It's much more fun to pose it like it's a naughty baby that smokes and drinks. Really, the props are for scale.Lovely Bec demonstrating the strange posture that happens when wearing something so restricive.