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The SF Chronicle has been running a great series of photos taken in 1982 of various Bay Area high school kids and the fashions they wore. My favorite of the 3-part series, called The Big Event, documents kids from Lincoln High in the Sunset District of San Francisco. It's all Derby jackets, Pee-Chee folders, and Nike Cortez sneakers...what goes around comes around! Peter Hartlaub, the pop culture critic at the Chronicle, has put this project together using photos that originally ran the in the 1982 paper by photographer Gary Fong. Read about the project and see more pics HERE.

All pics and comments below taken directly from SFGate.
Sept. 17, 1982: Lincoln High's hardest patiently wait for Metallica to form and release an album. Out of the three schools profiled in 1982, Lincoln was definitely the most badass. Derby jackets FTW.
You know it's 1982 in an SF public school, when you see a guy use an entire bottle of Wite Out to write ''LOCAL 69 MUFFDIVE'' on his skateboard. Hoping he's an attorney now, and his son is reading this.
Lincoln High students created a special message for the Chronicle in the dirty windows of the school: ''F--- The World.'' And there's a couple making out in front of the ''the'' window. I miss high school.
According to my journalistic research, this photo was taken on the Monday after Van Halen arrived at the Cow Palace during the "Hide Your Sheep" tour. The guy on the far right still thinks he's there.
This photo is a pretty complete 1982 SF fashion checklist: Feathered hair, Gap shopping bag, headband, giant comb in the back pocket, 16-year-old smoking while on school property ...
These gentleman are dressed so similarly, you'd think Lincoln High had a school uniform. I count two Izod polo shirts and one Britannia. Also, note the crispness of the jeans. An iron was involved.
I'm seeing a lingering ''Off the Wall''-era Michael Jackson influence here, especially with the girl on the far left. This is our first Pee-Chee folder sighting of this gallery. Drink!

Make sure to check out the other schools in the 3-part series because they are equally amazing...I couldn't decide which to post because I love them all!

 McAteer High School
Tamalpais High School


All photos below are from my visit to The Victorian Closet in the tiny gold-rush town of Amador City, CA. This store is full of the most beautiful laces, clothing, textiles, and accessories, some originating as far back as the Civil War era. Sally Knudson's collection of vintage and metallic laces had me nearly in tears - this shop is a must-see for anyone with an interest in Victorian textiles.


My search for non-lame "Beware of Dog"signs turned up one gem: the NEPAL DOG website, which showcases and sells free-trade Himalayan folk art, mainly custom "danger dog" portraits hand-painted by artists in Nepal. You can read more about the project, started by Michelle Page of Santa Monica HERE. I love how quirky these portraits are and you can pick from a plethora of breeds. There's also paintings for horses, birds, goats and other animals. So weird and awesome! I'll add a portrait sign to my list of things I want to make next...


I really despise the new blogger layout which is why I have not been posting. Til I figure out what I'm going to do, here is a real nice lace vest for you to look at.


I first read about Ariel Alasko on the The Makers, and instantly fell for her. She makes the coolest wood things in her Brooklyn shop including furniture, cheeseboards, and cabinets. Most of her materials are scavenged from old barns, gutted houses, and picked up on road trips. She can make or fix anything and I'm in love with her craft and life! Is that creepy? Read her blog HERE to find out more about all the awesome projects she's been working on.


One more project I really don't have time for right now but have always wanted to tackle - making a pair of leather gloves. I love how the pattern looks cut out. The gloves are carefully sewn from so many little pieces you probably never considered that have funny old names like "one pair of tranks, one pair of thumbs, four whole fourchettes, four half fourchettes, two gussets, and six quirks" (from wiki). Image below from Leathercraft Vol.2 from Mike Redwood's site. Below photos are from WARP AND WOOF - I love the construction pictures on this blog and you will understand even more if you read Japanese!If you really want to nerd out, you can read the complete history of gloves and glovemaking on Mike Redwood's site HERE.


So glad the Chic Muse took a break from fashion to visit the butterfly sanctuary at Chincua Mountain in Mexico and share these pics. I've seen monarchs at Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz and it's pretty hard to convey through photos what an incredible sight it is.
All photos from CHICMUSE.


Oooohhhh boy. Have not had jacket love like this in a long time. UNIONMADE collaborated with Golden Bear Sportswear, a family-owned San Francisco company since 1922, originally know for their longshorman jackets, to create the styles below. They are pretty much perfect in my opinion - simple, sexless, and straightforward. Even better, they are quite affordable. Just hire me already...geez! You can shop the whole collection HERE.