Can't wait to see this film about the Railroad Revival tour of Mumford & Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Mel and I spent the first night of the tour last April at the Oakland show followed by an after party on the train which led to too many drinks and us having to jump off the moving train as it pulled out of the yard on it's midnight departure. Those bands sure do know how to party and play some good music, we would have stayed on that night if our car wasn't going to get towed away. You can see some of our night HERE. The tour was filmed for a movie by Emmett Malloy which will be showing at SXSW and I think it will be awesome judging by the trailer:

Big Easy Express website.


This is the first episode in three of the amazing mini documentary on the BBC about the production of Harris Tweed in Scotland. Harris Tweed is one of the oldest and most respected manufactures of Scottish tweed and is produced only in the Outer Hebrides islands by handweavers who have worked the same way since the early 1800's. I became interested in Harris Tweed as a result of my fabric obsession and was lucky enough to visit the Isle of Lewis and Harris on my trip to Scotland. I'll share all the tweed I brought back when I get my photos together - in the meantime, this is really cool for anyone interested in production of wool tweeds the old-fashioned way.

Tweed Episode 1/3 Trouble Looms from Pssst on Vimeo.


The Coen Bros remake is pretty rad. Hailee Steinfeld plays one tough cookie as Mattie Ross. She rules! Go see this movie. You will wish you could be half as cool as her.


Wow! I saw this chair in Santa Cruz at the Salvation Army and it really got me wanting to see Ruthless People again. I haven't seen this movie since I was like 10 - but I always remember how radical the furniture was in the house shared by Bette Midler and Danny DeVito. Anyone seen this recently - is it still amazing?


Fritz Lang and his trippy mechanical monocleOne of my favorite cityscapes ever...a study for the Metropolis cityI love to see how things are done behind the scenes...Getting primped


Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS (1927). Still one of my favorite movies ever for it's amazing visuals. See it if you haven't yet.


Basically, this blog is temporarily turning into one about pools until I move onto my next fixation. Expect a slew of posts regarding pools, mostly of the indoor, old-fashioned, abandoned sort. I've always been kind of afraid of but fascinated by such pools, so I'm diving in and doing some research. For now, check this out from Charolotte Cooper's site:

Hornsey Road Baths
When I lived in Finsbury Park my local pool closed. It reopened briefly for an art installation that involved naked people running around the drained pool cavity. The art was very bad although I enjoyed sniggering at the nudity. The pool has remained closed since then, it's been closed for about ten years, but its sign remains.

This is like in Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise when some of the letters are burned out in the hotel sign at the Hotel Coral Essex so that it reads "Hot Oral Sex" instead. Remember that? Amazing. I couldn't find a single photo of it, I'll have to rent this movie again, but you can watch this for now:


Since I'm on the subject of Desperately Seeking Susan, can I tell you how much I've always liked the jacket too? I think I'm just realizing my Halloween costume for this year and I have big plans to create a version of this jacket in my own way.
Wow - check out the entire blog dedicated to Desperately Seeking Susan (some of these images lifted from there) put together by some amazing Madonna-obsessed freak:
SCRAPPY MADONNA BLOG . Pretty rad, Scrappy.Whoa...Desperately Seeking Susan Barbie with gold Pyramid jacket. Yes!This is possibly one of my favorite moments in the whole movie that you probably don't remember: Susan eating Cheese Doodles in her white lace gloves.Someone's recreation of the Susan coat. Pretty good.Double Trouble.


Jim Jarmusch, 1984. This movie made such an impression on me - you should really see it if you haven't. John Lurie and crew - so super cool. Amazing style, so good in every way.This is the scene where she says "I don't like this dress" or something like that and throws it into the garbage. I don't like dresses, either.
My dream is always to hop in a car and just go anywhere far away at any given moment... go where the wind blows you. Sometimes, you gotta just go with the flow.