New favorite jewelry line...BOET. Emily Bixler creates necklaces and earrings from hand crochet silk and cotton threads, chain, and antique findings.
And I'm the proud owner of these earring now...Love.
If you are in Portland this weekend, check out the BIG THINGS lemonade stand - sure to be a great sale and party. And you can find BOET jewelry here!

IT'S B.I.L.F.worldwide, BITCHES!!!

Here it is, the newest and coolest Etsy shop out there, just opened by my most talented and crafty friend, Sarah! Click HERE to visit B.I.L.F.worldwide and see the best selection of saucy handmade beaded jewelry and vintage garb, including:

Dangly beaded feather earrings
Beaded pentagram earrings (this particular pair is MINE, but you can find your own in the shop).Beaded feather and pentagram necklaces.
Custom beaded lighter covers! You never knew how much you needed one of these until you have it in your hand. Yep, that's right, that's the Bad Brains record cover turned into a beaded lighter case.
Misfits fiend skull with purple and silver fringe
AND...finally, the E-40 Stunna Shades lighter cover! You might remember me hinting about an "amazing tribute accessory" at the end of this post, and this is it! Best piece of flare I've ever gotten. B.I.L.F. can make you any custom beaded cover, so start thinking about B-day presents for all those smoker/arsonist/BBQing friends of yours!


Whoa! Okay, you fucking weirdo kooks in Louisiana that make earring out of taxidermy squirrel feet - you are kind of amazing. Cajun people really know how to party.
Squirrel Feel Earrings HERE. There are even the occasional possum and pigeon feel tossed in.


Most people know that sales of modern ivory is illegal due to the declining population of elephants, and even Ebay recently banned sales of all ivory items (so if you see something on there listed as real ivory, don't buy it cuz it's fake!). When I found William Doak's selection of ivory jewelry at the Rose Bowl, I was intrigued.
I bought this necklace, which is a simple chain of alternating links of ivory and sterling silver. The ivory links are cut from old piano keys. Piano keys! I would never have the desire to buy "real ivory" knowing the environmental implications, but this is such an interesting way to make something new out of an already existing material. I couldn't pass it up. Recycling rules.
Old ivory pieces for sale with colored price tags.
Unfortunately, I'm kicking myself for already breaking the necklace, first when I jammed it into my bag at the market and second when I stepped on it. Awesome. Apparently, it's incredibly fragile. Fragile and I don't really jive, but I'm going to try and keep the chain safe because there's an elephant in there.


Pentagram earrings? Yes please! This is the most badass beaded jewelry ever. Don't they look like evil dreamcatchers? Hand-beaded in half-light with tiny fingers by my nearest and dearest crafter friend! My eyeballs go crooked doing this kind of work. I love you Sarah Rainey! THX SO MUCH!!!
Who wants a pair? Maybe there should be an Etsy shop or something? What do you think?


I'm completely enamored with the jewelry from RACKK AND RUIN. Earrings, necklaces, and pins are made with some of my favorite materials including leather, zipper, and HORSEHAIR (from violin bows!). These are some of the most interesting pieces I've seen in a while and I'm so glad to have discovered it through the cool Rackk and Ruin blog.
Check out Molly's Etsy shop if you want a pair of rad horsehair or feather earrings too! Did I mention how affordable they are? Really great stuff...Link