The SF Chronicle has been running a great series of photos taken in 1982 of various Bay Area high school kids and the fashions they wore. My favorite of the 3-part series, called The Big Event, documents kids from Lincoln High in the Sunset District of San Francisco. It's all Derby jackets, Pee-Chee folders, and Nike Cortez sneakers...what goes around comes around! Peter Hartlaub, the pop culture critic at the Chronicle, has put this project together using photos that originally ran the in the 1982 paper by photographer Gary Fong. Read about the project and see more pics HERE.

All pics and comments below taken directly from SFGate.
Sept. 17, 1982: Lincoln High's hardest patiently wait for Metallica to form and release an album. Out of the three schools profiled in 1982, Lincoln was definitely the most badass. Derby jackets FTW.
You know it's 1982 in an SF public school, when you see a guy use an entire bottle of Wite Out to write ''LOCAL 69 MUFFDIVE'' on his skateboard. Hoping he's an attorney now, and his son is reading this.
Lincoln High students created a special message for the Chronicle in the dirty windows of the school: ''F--- The World.'' And there's a couple making out in front of the ''the'' window. I miss high school.
According to my journalistic research, this photo was taken on the Monday after Van Halen arrived at the Cow Palace during the "Hide Your Sheep" tour. The guy on the far right still thinks he's there.
This photo is a pretty complete 1982 SF fashion checklist: Feathered hair, Gap shopping bag, headband, giant comb in the back pocket, 16-year-old smoking while on school property ...
These gentleman are dressed so similarly, you'd think Lincoln High had a school uniform. I count two Izod polo shirts and one Britannia. Also, note the crispness of the jeans. An iron was involved.
I'm seeing a lingering ''Off the Wall''-era Michael Jackson influence here, especially with the girl on the far left. This is our first Pee-Chee folder sighting of this gallery. Drink!

Make sure to check out the other schools in the 3-part series because they are equally amazing...I couldn't decide which to post because I love them all!

 McAteer High School
Tamalpais High School


I love this whole collection for its crazy colors and mixed materials but most of all for the amazing neon accessories - especially that spike bag!
Sass & Bide has a very cool blog chronicling their inspiration, you can check it out HERE.


I found these amazing hand-knit sweaters by Boreas Knitwear in the back of a fabric store on the Isle of Lewis. I searched the internet for any info about the company only to learn it's closed. Which means I passed up a really incredible dead stock collection of sweaters I'll never be able to find again. I'm just at a point where I'm trying not to accumulate "stuff" no matter how amazing it is. If I was a store owner, I would have snatched these up in a second, but I didn't. Damn it.

I love the bold color composition of these sweaters, and each must weight 10lbs or more. I was boiling as soon as I tried one on, attesting to the fact that they are truly island sweaters made to battle even the harshest wind and chill. I wonder how much longer they will sit stuffed into the back of that store.


I used to work for a very small design brand that used vintage lace in many of their designs. I looked forward to the visits that supplier Jennifer Osner would make to the studio with her suitcases full of vintage lace and trims. She now has a great Etsy store with a huge collection of trims available for easy purchase. I found these photos of 2008 Project Runway contestant Rami Kashou's beautifully constructed dress made from many yards of antique 1910 French lace purchased from Jennifer. I love how the underlaying gold lamé sets off the lace trim and the directional cut of of the lace creates a bold graphic pattern. Check out Jennifer's full site HERE.


I would love to wear this frothy Balmain confection if only for a minute. Actually, I probably wouldn't want to wear it any longer than a minute since I can't imagine getting anywhere in it. But look at this thing...Dress from HERE


My friend Jen, designer of Serial Cultura, is having an open house and sample sale this weekend in Oakland, CA! Prices are incredibly cheap (up to %75 off and more) for amazing hand-printed silk tops and dresses sold at stores such as OAKnyc, TG-170, and The Candy Store Collective. This should not be missed! Hope to see you there...

Visit the Serial Cultura website HERE.


If I haven't made it clear enough before, HEL LOOKS is my favorite street style blog. Why is everyone in Finland so cool? And it seems everyone either shops second hand at the "take-for- free department at the recycling store" or makes their own clothes. I like how each post gives a quirky little background on the person's style, interests, and where they got their clothes from. Eeva (27): "I just bought my t-shirt in Stockholm. The bag is made by my grandmother and I use it every day. The jacket is second hand and the shorts my favourite piece, because I like to mix high waists with something loose and baggy. At the moment I like bright colours and clear-cut clothes."Helen (21): "Black has been my colour since I was 15. My father keeps saying that I always look like a widow.Lately I've been thinking of travelling a lot. Africa, India and Mexico inspire me." Ina (19): "I wear my old leather jacket every day. When people started to wear similar jackets, I sprayed mine to make it different. The bag is by Secco. I like dresses, floral prints, extraordinary accessories, sailor looks and high waists. I listen to punk and hc which inspires my style. I like contradictions like mixing punk with feminine dresses." Jenni (24): "I love colours and clothes. Big egos inspire me – the courage and the vision in dressing up. You shouldn't think about clothes too much. You need to dress up the way you are." Sisko (25): "I found the jumpsuit at my parents' house. It's probably made by my sister in the 90s. The shoes and the bag used to belong to my mother. I always find some stuff to take with me, when I visit my parents."


Let's get fashiony for a second: I'd love to know Alber Elbaz's inspiration for this collection because I really think he was channeling the Robert Palmer girls. I've talked about my love for them before and I'm not the only one enamored by their saucy 80's sex appeal. There is only one word I can really use to describe the combo of metal, feathers, liquid gold lamé and glossy red lips and that is FIERCE. The incredibly detailed clothes and icy (that's right, I said icy) styling make this ad campaign one of my favorites. Girls, you're looking hot hot hot.On a side note...I just really love this sparkly jumpsuit from the same collection and would be so happy if it found it's way into my closet. I'm contemplating a DIY version. For's ON.


More than anything else, I love the set and styling of these photos. Is that a big rope wrapped in tin foil? With paper tassels hanging from it? And paper shreds on the floor that look like rose petals? I'm not really sure what everything is but I love the scene.
Creatures of the Wind photos from 01 Mag