I've fallen into making baby shoes, I didn't plan it at all - it just happened. Here's how it all began: I went to visit my friend and her new baby and wanted to make a nice gift to bring along. I thought some moccasins would be cool, so I made a pattern. They were fun to make - much smaller and less time consuming than the full jacket patterns I am used to pondering over for long periods of time. I'd made a pair of moccasins for myself several years ago (pictured in orange below) but think this style is much more suited for a baby. I did a little research and made a pattern, largely inspired by the little fabric Budweiser "booze shoes" I have, also shown below.
Just a few pattern pieces - moccasins are pretty quick n easy.
For this first pair, I hand sewed them but now prefer to do them on the leather machine for a cleaner finish.
Almost done, just 4 pieces plus some laces.
Finished shoes. These fit 0-3 months.
And here is Mr. Emerson himself modeling them. It was hard to get a good picture because he kicks his feel like a little madman.
I've probably made upwards of 40 shoes since then. More to come...