The studio redo is going very slow between working full-time, moving, and life in general. I'm hoping to be mostly done by the end of this weekend - not sewing for the last month is starting to make me feel crazy and I need to start working again. The "before" picture above.
With a new coat of paint. This place gets the best natural light.
Since I don't have much else to report about leather jackets or sewing, here are some pics of a recent weekend trip to the Pacific Northwest. I went to the best wedding, BBQ, and campout on 40 acres of land near La Center, WA. Half the property is covered in a Doug Fir forest.
The owners built a crazy/sketchy swing in the woods. You can climb 25 feet to the top of the trees and swing out below.
There were cool old cars all over the place, including a Barracuda graveyard tucked amongst the flowers.
Set up camp in the hayfield just after the tractor had passed through making bales.
Biggest bonfire I've seen in a while, you just cant make them like this in the city.
Off to Sauvie's Island in Portland to pick fruit the next day. This time of year, lavender, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, are bountiful, but you can pick stone fruits fruit and flowers too.

Hopefully next time I post I will have made something and it won't be another month from now.