I don't have one of these fancy things yet but everyone else seems to, so I thought it might be a good thing to make a carrier for. I definitely wanted to add real foam into this bag to keep the iPad safe. Following my camera bag, I made a zig-zag quilted template.I was inspired by this service elevator quilt to do the zig-zag pattern.This is 1/4" foam for sufficient padded interlining. It's thicker than the original wool batting I used for the first camera bag, shown in the next photo below.I used just a little bit of glue to anchor the foam to the leather so it doesn't shift when sewing. Sewing the zipper down at the top.Finished bag also works great as a clutch.iPad case and camera bags.
I'm planning to reopen the online shop in the next month to offer a select group of items like this...please check back.