It's been a slow return from a long vacation but I'm finally easing back into the reality of work again. Here's a quick post before I tackle the millions of photos I've acquired in the last month.

I made this blanket for Roddy to keep him warm from the crisp Glasgow chill when he's cruising about town in his pram. It's a tightly woven double-sided Pendelton wool piece with black leather binding around the edges and a leather tag with his name and birthday on it.

Personalized tag - I love leather stamps.
August 10th - he's almost 3 months already! Roddy is a Leo just like me. We have a lot in common, such as red hair, a great love of the outdoors, and a dislike for being stuck in the back seat on long car rides.
Sewing the tag down and trimming the edges.
Double sided cozy town. Mum and dad can use this blanket also, perhaps for when they are sharing a dram on the couch watching "Downton Abbey."
Here is the little man with his serious model face on. So stylish in his suspenders.
And he already likes to tell jokes and laugh a lot, just like his mum. Look a this tiny toes!
Thanks Richard, Jojo, and Roddy! Love you guys!