Remember these old pillow cases I have? I decided to make something with them. I love old sheets because they're so soft and I find lots of cool prints at the thrift stores. It was hot as hell this weekend and I needed some summer shirts. Love the galaxy print on this particular set.Fidel, my studio mate, checking out the fabric.Pattern paper scraps, lots of cutting.I made a simple shirt pattern, just 2 pieces with a racer-back.Cutting out the pattern using weights to keep it all flat and stable.Cut out fabric pieces. I had to piece together the front because the paper pattern was wider than the fabric.The front and back sewn together with a rolled hem.Cutting out bias strips from the scraps to finish the arm holes and neckline.Sewing the binding on.Done. Super easy, fast to make, nice for summer heat. Loose fit with a longer back and cropped front. I made 3 versions in different fabrics in an afternoon but this is my favorite.

Lovely Becca modeling the goods.