Some things of interest seen at the Rosebowl - I am usually too preoccupied people-watching and shopping to take photos, but here's a few:

Chuckie - I guess he's officially "vintage" now since Child's Play came out in 1988. I like his hair - looks like he got a body wave, it's usually flatter as I remember it.
I'm not really a pancho-wearer but I liked this particular one a lot.The patch guy is one of my favorite vendors, he's got it all.All-over crazy sequin jacket.Cool table top made out of a reclaimed bowling alley.Lips phone - obviously, I love. That other one is rad, too.American flag pants, everyone's so into the red, white & blue right now.Skater dude stuff.Satin jacket by Catherine Malandrino, pretty neat.Weird bird house made out of an old riding boot.RTX sighting, Jennifer Herrema giving an interview and shopping for crazy outfits probably....and drinking a Bud Light - my kind of girl!