Helmets. If you ride a motorcycle, you probably wish you didn't have to wear one unless you live in one of those few states that doesn't care about you. But maybe if you had a helmet as cool as this one, you'd want to wear it more.

Somewhere between emailing me about the best sundae she ever had, stealing flowers from neighbors' yards, and riding her Triumph, lil' Sara makes some damn cool stuff. Take this beauty she fixed up to keep her coconut intact as she's flying down the highway. One part Laura Ashley, one part dirty swap meet, it represents just the kind of contrast I love - something unexpected, a mix of styles that do not usually intermingle. Wallpaper-esque roses adorn a helmet that was neon orange in a previous life. Who's got a helmet with vintage roses? It's pretty but a little rough-around-the-edges, making it the perfect topper for a sassy lady rider.
It was one of those nice spring days out, the kind where you want to hang out in the street and drink cocktails in front of a limo. Or put some lacy clothes on over your grungy stuff and skate around a bit.
Stretched 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine hood dingleberry, courtesy of Sara's neighbor Maurice. "This is your best shot" pro group pose, thanks to Tyra.