April 21st - Day 1 of the Railroad Revival Tour in Oakland, Ca! Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and the Old Crow Medicine Show. Yep, got the all-access pass and VIP golden ticket bracelet thanks to Mel (sorry to brag like a total A-hole, but this really was an epic show to have the fancy entry!)The premise of this tour was for the bands to play 6 shows over the course of a week, traveling from Oakland, CA to New Orleans, LA on a 15-car vintage train. During their travels, the bands are recording music and filming a documentary about the trip. First stop, Oakland.
*Please note: All shitty blurry photos taken by me, all nice, clear photos taken off the TOUR WEBSITE.

Here is the Zephyr pulling into the train yard before the show. This is a silver bullet beauty with a glass observation deck up top. Many of these train cars have been used for movies such as 3:10 to Yuma, True Grit, and There Will Be Blood.Mel!
Old Crow Medicine ShowThat's Gil playing banjo on your far right in black - we have him to thank for having us to the show!
Edward Sharpe doing the pre-game huddle against the San Francisco skyline.
Tour bus exhaust tagging the grass.
Leather gloves - it got cold as the sun started setting.
Oakland shipping cranes in silhouette against the sunset - love them.
Mel on the beach, stage in the background.
Over 8,000 people. Damn.
I took one photo only of Edward Sharpe.
People having fun.Mumford guy at the end of their set. I though my photo looked so epic when I took it, but its just another blurry impression.Onto the train! I love trains, and this was pretty much the coolest one I've ever been on. The cars are all independently owned and were assembled especially for this tour. Tour guide books and schedules for the passengers.Cruising through the cars, each one different and cooler than the next.
The train car bartenders - William on the right (your right) and the other guy whose name I forgot but I do remember he used to be a logger in Washington until he switched to pouring drinks on old-fahioned train cars.Party train car! This was just after the show ended and all passengers loaded up. Everyone was smashed into this car having a great old time, drinking, making music, hanging out the open doors, and generally unwinding after finishing an epic first show.
At this point, just about midnight, the train quietly started to take off on its journey for the next week, and we jumped off into the night.
Later, train! Thanks for those last few night caps! Below are a few more photos from the website. You can go HERE to read the travel diary and see more photos of the tour in progress. The last night is in New Orleans tomorrow, April 27th, and you are very lucky if you're attending!