I took a little trip down south a few weeks back and found this amazing place along the way. Moss Landing is a tiny coastal town between Santa Cruz and Monterey, with the most defining feature being a giant smoke stack tower that can be seen for miles around. I'd been there before to do some thrifting and poke around town but it's been a long time. This particular day was incredibly stormy - icy cold, whipping wind coming right off the water and gunmetal gray sky. I saw this intense color off the side of the road and had to go take a look.

The following photos of the Castroville Public Cemetery were taken with the crappiest of cell phones on the darkest of days, but maybe you will still get a hint of the vibrancy here. I fell a little weird putting up photos of people's gravestones, but I love how the plots are decorated, loved, and cared for. Look close and you can find items left for the loved-ones such as beer, dolls, toy cars, and candy. If you are ever passing through town, this is a special place to see.
8442 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing, CA