Road trip up north with the ladies! Portland bound and back, up the 101 and returning on the 5. First night - Crescent City, one of the most northern towns on the coast before you get to Oregon. The best place to stay is the Curly Redwood Lodge, built in 1952 from a single curly redwood tree that was cut down and turned into 57,000 board feet of lumber. This place is a traveler's gem and totally affordable. Click HERE for more info.
Basic, clean rooms with some mid-century flare. Check Maya's blog for more exciting photos.
Super cool concierge guy. You can really see the "curly" in the redwood at the front desk.Lucile Wyllie standing in front of the curly redwood log in 1952.
The redwood log cut in half.On the road again to Portland. Anyone for some sweet cron?Cool thrift find. Saucy metal heels with brass panther motif. They just don't make them like this anymore.Tall Olympias in Portland.Onto Chopsticks 2 for some boozing, singing, and laughing at other people.Thank God for Tater Tots. They really helped me through the tequila. Sorry, Maya.Some random people singing. Photo stolen from Yelp.Oh-So-Sassy shoes. But so small. This thrifting trip could be summerized with the words "Curse of the Size 6". Damn, I wish I had small feet.BUSTED mag. Your local weekly mugshot magazine for the Portland/Salem area. IT'S FOR REAL. Which one of your friends might be in here?About my most favorite shoes ever. I want them for me. Good shape, nice color, so basic, handmade in Mexico. These are about a child's size 10. Damn it!
Another pair of the "Curse of the Size 6". I just got new rainboots but they aren't as cool as these. I think Pappagallo's rain boots are so much cooler than any others I've seen these days - stay tuned for a post dedicated to them soon.
Perforated detail with studs. Cool combo. Love the shape of this shoe.
Near Ashland, OR. Winter Wonderland! Maya will be posting photos of the impromtu off-road photo sesh so keep posted over there.
Sarah in the mini-icicle field.Best other place to stay: The Railroad Park Resort in Dunsmuir, CA. Since 1968, you can stay here in a caboose or train car beneath the crags of the Cascade Range. For dinner, you can cozy up in the dinning car for some steak and potatoes or take a dip in the pond, river, or pool in the summer. This place rules! More info HERE.I love little road trips. I'm ready for the next one already...