If I haven't made it clear enough before, HEL LOOKS is my favorite street style blog. Why is everyone in Finland so cool? And it seems everyone either shops second hand at the "take-for- free department at the recycling store" or makes their own clothes. I like how each post gives a quirky little background on the person's style, interests, and where they got their clothes from. Eeva (27): "I just bought my t-shirt in Stockholm. The bag is made by my grandmother and I use it every day. The jacket is second hand and the shorts my favourite piece, because I like to mix high waists with something loose and baggy. At the moment I like bright colours and clear-cut clothes."Helen (21): "Black has been my colour since I was 15. My father keeps saying that I always look like a widow.Lately I've been thinking of travelling a lot. Africa, India and Mexico inspire me." Ina (19): "I wear my old leather jacket every day. When people started to wear similar jackets, I sprayed mine to make it different. The bag is by Secco. I like dresses, floral prints, extraordinary accessories, sailor looks and high waists. I listen to punk and hc which inspires my style. I like contradictions like mixing punk with feminine dresses." Jenni (24): "I love colours and clothes. Big egos inspire me – the courage and the vision in dressing up. You shouldn't think about clothes too much. You need to dress up the way you are." Sisko (25): "I found the jumpsuit at my parents' house. It's probably made by my sister in the 90s. The shoes and the bag used to belong to my mother. I always find some stuff to take with me, when I visit my parents."