I saw almost all of my favorite shoes I wore as a kid at the Rosebowl market this weekend. I guess this makes me officially "vintage" which is slightly a bummer but, oh well - what can you do?

Always had some china flats. They have a weird, specific smell after you wear them for a while and they get dirty. You know what I mean? Kind of like musty socks and factory glue, or something like that? And remember running in them? No so comfy, basically like your feet smacking the ground directly.What, what?! LA GEAR...had these exact white ones and a pink pair, too.Reebok high tops. Mine were red. Apparently, the padded hi-top part does not age so well.Dime-store jellies. I can't even remember how many pairs of these I had, but a lot, I'm telling you. They smelled like Strawberry Shortcake a bit.Missing in attendance was the flat, pointy-toed, slingback from Esprit, circa 1985 or so. Why can I not find this anywhere? I had multiple color ways bought on sale from the Esprit Outlet, and I've scoured the internet and Ebay - can't even find a photo of one. Must have been a San Francisco thing, I guess.

Last but not least, these guys again...I love to stalk them. Amazing bean-pole guy and his lady friend. This dude is probably 6' 5" at least and maybe wears a size 26 pant (with like a 40" inseam?). I think you have to have balls for miles to rock the superglam platforms on top of that. Hey dude, you are kind of amazing.