This is not Louis Vuitton over here. I really wish I had an expansive, sun-filled, organized studio with all the equipment needed and helpers for helping. Alas, this is a solo party. The funds and manpower are just not enough to do more than I do at present. Money is spent for necessities, not fancy stuff. Do I want a full set of radical-font embossing letters? Yes. Do I need it? No, don't buy it. I'm running out of the kinda scarce cutting blades that are my favorite but cost too much. Do I need them? Yes, it's a done deal, I already ordered more. Things come up all the time and I figure out a way. Fancy metal curves in various sizes are a pattern maker's best friend. I don't have them. And I don't really need them either. Look around, reach out, grab what's there, and make it work. Pattern making with plants. No metal curves here. Good words to go by:
*Make it work*