I finally broke down and got an iphone, though I was opposed to it for a long time. I like being unavailable. Now, I can't stop with the stupid "shake it" polaroid app. I made a quick trip to the Big Apple, basically just breezed in and out, but managed to have quite a good time along the way. Wish I could have stayed longer, seen more people, done more things - it's been too long.
Train yards
Hey cute little face at the Macy's window.Black squirrels.
Stuyvesant Town
The Italians made a delicious dinner party and a cozy bed for me to sleep in with pressed sheets and fluffy pillows. Thanks, Kiri and Fabi!"Chocolate Salami" my new favorite sweet thing.Wet snow at RockafellerLots of plastic bags hereCon Ed, after hours
Miss my old home and this corner. Miss the rooftop. Miss finding my neighbor passed out in the hallway. Well, not really.
I liked this dog and he liked me