Basically, this blog is temporarily turning into one about pools until I move onto my next fixation. Expect a slew of posts regarding pools, mostly of the indoor, old-fashioned, abandoned sort. I've always been kind of afraid of but fascinated by such pools, so I'm diving in and doing some research. For now, check this out from Charolotte Cooper's site:

Hornsey Road Baths
When I lived in Finsbury Park my local pool closed. It reopened briefly for an art installation that involved naked people running around the drained pool cavity. The art was very bad although I enjoyed sniggering at the nudity. The pool has remained closed since then, it's been closed for about ten years, but its sign remains.

This is like in Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise when some of the letters are burned out in the hotel sign at the Hotel Coral Essex so that it reads "Hot Oral Sex" instead. Remember that? Amazing. I couldn't find a single photo of it, I'll have to rent this movie again, but you can watch this for now: