Melly and I went camping. Stopped at the crazy taxidermy bar/market for some mud on the way.
California is having a big drought, did you know? I'm a religious water-saver. Unfortunately, our epic rope swing camping spot had no water below it. That bridge is usually underwater.So we drove deep into the woods, 15 more miles out to Horizon Bay. Nobody there, 115+ degrees, and just vaguely enough water to swim in. This is where we camped.The next day, I saw this map on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, detailing one of the larger pot farm busts recently, apparently right on our campground. In addition to drought, the lake is getting more shallow because cartel farmers are using it to irrigate their crops. Family some good sight-seeing.We got one radio station on the shitty lake radio. ACDC and Sabbath (they played Sweet Leaf a bunch of times) were on continuous rotation. We made up our own tunes, too.Fancy camping meal: grilled shrimp, shitake mushrooms, and quinoa salad. And lots of beer.Next day, off to meet Becca at the hidden waterfalls. 40foot+ rock jumping, if your into that.????Oakland and Whiskytown.
Going for it.A million degrees and killer sunset on the way home.Trippy light art by Mel.