In the next few days, I'm going to post about some leather companies I like a lot. First up, MAKR. Check them out and support your USA handmade leather workers. I love everything these guys make - super simple little wallets and money holders. All handmade. Great aesthetic. Cool BLOG too. Maybe Jason Gregory will marry me and we'll sit around 'til we're old and gray with calloused hands making leather things and drinking beers. Cool interview with him HERE.
I always love to see how things are made. I makes me have a greater appreciation for the product and it's interesting to see how things morph from raw materials to a finished leather good. All MAKR good are made by a small family-owned factory under the designer's supervision in Florida.
I love industrial machines. Hand sewing.Cut pieces ready to be sewn.Edge painting.Keep it up, MAKR. When I have cash money to spend, I'll keep it in one of your wallets.