Next up for leathergoods I like - Billy Kirk. The brothers spent a few years learning leather working from an old seasoned pro and eventually started their own business just the way I like it - small, personal, hands-on, and made in the US of A.
Small wallets are my favorite - so simple and practical but still look cool.

Laptop bag with cotton ticking and leather.
Oh look, it's my own wallet. Only the best wallet ever. It's nice and thin and fits perfectly in my back pocket. And there is room to stuff a bunch of bills if I want to fatten it up. There used to be a painted and embossed indian on the front, which has faded away with time.That's my Morel Mushroom Hunting Club membership card poking out of the top there. Yep, it is.
I love any kind of little bag thing that you can put on bikes, motorcycles, belts, whatever. This one is great.