Angel's Camp invasion. The perfect place to do a little line dancin'. My friends know I really like doing the Slap Leather. I learned it during gym class in, maybe 10th grade, when it was raining and we had to stay inside. Everyone else always complained, but I loved it! It's still really fun to do with a bunch of people when you've been drinking a lot. So, if you're out with me and we are having some fun and a lot of whiskey, I might make you learn it. You won't be sad. It was one of those nights.

Making friends with the cowboys. White Hat especially had it down.
Drinks, of course.And food. Just like the cattle at the trough.Boot stompin, in formation, ghost hunter peering in from the outside.Going for it.It always leads to this.
And this, of course.These girls have it down pretty well, even though I think they're like in junior high and live in Sweden or something. I generally prefer my slap leather a little rowdier, but I really like the little lasso moves they've added. I might have to spice mine up a bit after seeing that.