I got to sneak inside one of my favorite buildings in San Francisco and have a look around. The Crown Zellerbach stands at the corner of Bush and Market streets, right downtown. It was completed in 1959 and is known as the first International Style glass curtain wall building in the city. I've always thought it interesting for the sunken plazas and abundance of glass, and I was stoked to get inside. Even better was to discover the amazing collection of photographs in the basement depicting the building and it's occupants in the early 60's.

Beautiful lady and her Kryptonite...
So yes...I am not a photographer as you can tell by the abrasive glare on all of my photos. Photos of photos in a basement - it was dark. Sorry. Try to get past it and take a look at how rad this place is.Now this might seem crazy, but these photos remind me of some of the things I've painted in the past. Black and white stripey things. When people ask "what are you inspired by," I'm always like "you know, things I see, stuff like that." It sounds generic, but it's true. Sometimes those things just work their way into your subconscious and they don't come out until later.
A couple of Wells Fargo photos: