Sometimes, I actually follow through on my personal projects. I finished the "Purple Messy Bag" I had started in my post a while back. I got sick of looking at the fabric wadded up on my floor and figured I'd better do something about it. Here's the finished product:
Sketches for the bag. I often don't even sketch what I want to make before I sew it, I just go for it. It's just the way I work. Sometimes, I make myself draw it up first at least a little bit, like for this bag. I had a general idea and knew I wanted to make something just freestyle, no pattern, no precise cutting, fast sewing, just quick and sloppy.
Old jeans is how this bag started. They do not fit well and they take up space in my drawer. They are going to get a makeover.I bleached them first since that's what all the cool people do.Whoops, too much bleach. That's the thing with bleaching, it can easily go from good-looking to yellow-brown with holes in a matter of seconds. This bleach job went a little too far. Discolored and ugly denim. So now I have to dye it to correct the bad bleach job. It's just like when you dye your hair and then have to go to the 24-hr drugstore with a hat on to buy some cover-up dye. My cover-up is RIT.Going into the RIT bath along with some really awful looking old leather.After the dye bath, all the materials got a machine wash and dry. Here they are laying out on the patio getting a tan.Now I'm going in for the kill and cutting it all up. I'm precise and draft patterns when I am making things to sell to you. I like to be fast and waste no time when I'm making things for myself. Oh look, it's done. Just a good basic tote for everyday use. This is the kind of bag I like most.My lovely model Natalie. I will miss you and your little headbands greatly. Thank you for being such a gem. I hope you gchat with me all the time after you leave.
That's it!