I'm making a bag out of really thrashed materials. PART 1: giving the materials a make-over. PART 2: making the bag. Below is: 1 lambskin hide in terrible shape - scars, stains, wrinkles, all kinds of gross stuff. The white canvas looking stuff is denim (old jean legs) that got way to over-bleached. It's basically white with an ugly pee-colored tint and stains on it.
Wadded my denim up into little bombs and tied them up. You can see the details of the nasty leather in this photo. Not so cute.
The leather goes in first to the tub of black RIT. I love Rit. Best all-purpose, easy to find dye good for everything.
Then go the denim bombs.
Then have a beer while a wait for the dye to do it's job.
Rinse it all out really well and put the denim and leather into the washing machine and dryer.
Everything is now a nice washed-out purple. The spots and marks on the leather soaked up even more dye than the unblemished parts, giving it a cool polka-dot effect. Gonna make the bag this weekend, check back for part 2.