What I really should do is just have a blog about taking pictures of the ground, because that's pretty much what I do. It's cool when people are staring at you because you are taking a photo of the ground with nothing on it, you know - some flat cement sidewalk, the street, nothing really noticeable going on.
This is my favorite sidewalk lately, right in downtown San Francisco on Market Street where the cable cars turn around. It's basically a disco ball sidewalk.
Here is Martin Margiela's killer disco mirror top. Seriously killer. I bet you could stab someone pretty good with that sleeve.
And his shoes to match.And his sparkle bag-thing.Gareth Pugh jacket. And the totally amazing human disco ball drag queens over at Screeming Queens. Their outfits are cooler than what you are wearing right now, for sure.Disco mirror tiled bathroom. Photo from Elle Decor.A Grain of Sand is a vintage bead supplier that has some really cool stuff that's disco ball looking.These aren't really disco, but I love them, so I had to show them too.Vintage something or other...I'm not really a fan of "art" cars, actually I really hate them. But this one is so amazing I will make an exception to my anti-art car stance. Disco mirrored Pinto. Yes, Pinto. I mean really, how can you not be blown away seeing this thing rolling down the street. But it might suck a little driving it on a very sunny day, you know? Mirrors + sun + eyeballs = bad combo.Skull disco ball from Halloween Effects with glowing red eye sockets. Whoooooooooo...spoooky.Found this one just googlin' around. It said "disco ball hairstyle". It looks more like a "woven hairstyle" to me, or "basket head."