Most people know that sales of modern ivory is illegal due to the declining population of elephants, and even Ebay recently banned sales of all ivory items (so if you see something on there listed as real ivory, don't buy it cuz it's fake!). When I found William Doak's selection of ivory jewelry at the Rose Bowl, I was intrigued.
I bought this necklace, which is a simple chain of alternating links of ivory and sterling silver. The ivory links are cut from old piano keys. Piano keys! I would never have the desire to buy "real ivory" knowing the environmental implications, but this is such an interesting way to make something new out of an already existing material. I couldn't pass it up. Recycling rules.
Old ivory pieces for sale with colored price tags.
Unfortunately, I'm kicking myself for already breaking the necklace, first when I jammed it into my bag at the market and second when I stepped on it. Awesome. Apparently, it's incredibly fragile. Fragile and I don't really jive, but I'm going to try and keep the chain safe because there's an elephant in there.